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Current Programs For 5TH - 12TH GRADE
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Our Hillsborough Raider Strength and Conditioning approach to overall fitness and physical education through the following objectives:

1.  To address movement pattern development from the combined package of dynamic warm-up,   progressive plyometrics youth programming, and traditional resistance exercises. Movement pattern development facilitates strength and stability in subjects which may decrease the chance of injury in future physical education, recreation, and interscholastic sport.


2.  To utilize less intensity training using less weight and modified Olympic and power lifting core exercises along with traditional auxiliary exercises to reduce the risk of overtraining.


3. To prepare students and student athletes for future fitness and collegiate sport training experiences, as well as exploring fitness and sport careers.  Better physically educated students can take advantage of more options available in health clubs, gyms, or training centers.


4. To provide an opportunity for team building, as well as striving for an increase in academic and athletic emphasis within the school and district, with a unified structured program.